Albania Without  Orphans

AWO is a call to end orphanhood in Albania
by transforming lives, communities and society.


In 2019, the best estimates show there are more than 1 billion children living at risk world wide.

In Albania, each year approximately 1000 new children are identified as needing protection.

  • 40 new children are placed in residential institutions.
  • 15 are abandoned from the very moment they come to life.

By orphan we understand any child who:

  • has lost one or both parents - orphan status
  • lives outside of family care, including in orphanages - social orphans
  • has experienced abuse, neglect or exploitation - orphan spirit

The Church worldwide is uniquely positioned to advance collaboration across governments, businesses, faiths, and other spheres of influence toward the vision of a world without orphaned and vulnerable children.

In Albania the Church is responding to the call to reflect God`s heart for orphans, building collaboration toward societal change that leaves no child without a family.

"God is a father to the fatherless
and places the lonely in families"

- Psalm 68:5-6

Who We Are

Albania Without Orphans (AWO)
is part of a global Christian movement your text here...

AWO is a joint effort from a wide array of organizations, churches, and individuals who are working together through informal partnerships.

The vision is to see Albania as a place where every child is cared for in a safe and loving family and has an opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

Our mission is to call the Church to prayer and action, and to facilitate collaboration in finding solutions for orphans in Albania.


We are convinced that:

Every child has inherent value and an unconditional right to holistic development.

A healthy family is the best environment for a child to develop and thrive.

The Church is called to care for the orphan and is a key actor in the local and  national effort to end orphanhood.

Collaboration is required to transfer these core values across societies and see transformation occur both locally and nationally. 

How We Work

As AWO, our team develops action plans which follow a 3 fold strategy:

Activate - mobilizing individuals and partners to bring about change through:

  • prayer – monthly prayer time

  • action – Orphan Sunday

Connect - building collaborative networks in which participants share and learn from one another

  • Leaders of Day Centers and Private Orphanages
  • Adoptive and Foster Care Parents

Equip -  providing access to ideas, training and practical tools

  • Alternative Care Legislation and Strategy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Web resources for AWO Members

Orphan Sunday

November 7, 2021

On ORPHAN SUNDAY Christians around the globe celebrate the love of our God who defends the cause of the fatherless and calls us to do the same.

This year, Orphan Sunday will happen for the  second time in Albania. Join the global observance and see how you can be WITH the orphaned and vulnerable.

Commit to PRAY, SHARE THE MESSAGE and/or ORGANIZE an event or a project with your church.


AWO is grateful for the collaboration of many individuals and organizations in Albania.

As we engage with those serving the global Church, AWO initiative is coordinated by:

Alfred & Prenda Zefi
(Hope for the World)

Bethany Christian Services

Bob & Cathy Watanabee
(Bethany Christian Services)

Sylvain & Ruth Vergnon
(Alo!Mik Foundation)

Have a question, feedback, or would simply like to get
in touch with someone? We’d love to hear from you: [email protected]